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Some of the most asked questions are below. If you don't find yours then reach out - we would love to hear from you.


How does Filter work?

Filter looks at information about you, your lungs, your symptoms, your medications, your activity levels and guides you through a personalized program to help you improve your mental health.

Is Filter a medical device?

Filter is a medical device with a CE marking.

Can I integrate this with my doctor's surgery?

Currently, we do not integrate into doctor's surgery. However, part of what we do at Filter is to help people understand their condition. The best way we have done this is through education so our users can be part of their care discussions with their doctor. We also encourage users to talk to their doctor about how they are using Filter to manage their condition.

How do I know if I will get value out of using Filter?

Managing a condition is hard - like really hard. What we try to do is make it easier. We combine evidence-based techniques, as well as tailored content, to help you understand how to improve your management program. Much like everything in life, you can't complete it. So, whether you have never thought about the concept of self-management, or you are a self-management ninja - we are confident you will find value.

What’s CBT and how can it help my lung condition?

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) focuses on changing how people think and behave towards problems. Living with a chronic condition makes everyday life (tasks, occasions and socialising) really tough and it can have a negative effect on how you view your life - not just your condition. Using CBT, many people have found that they view life in a different light, and although still suffer from their condition, find living with it much more manageable.

Is Filter a cure for COPD?

No. There is no cure for COPD. However, through guidance and evidence-based techniques you can improve how you manage your condition and stop the cycle of breathlessness.

How will I know if Filter is helping me?

There are a number of different ways to measure the impact of your condition on your life. These include: How intrusive your condition is? How easily you relax? How well you sleep? Your shortness of breath How often you have feelings of anxiety or how often you are hospitalised? How many medications you have to take?

You will know when FIlter is starting to work when you start to notice that your life is separate from your condition, or it might be something softer, maybe you sleep better, go for more walks or feel like you can plan your day a little easier. Overall, it's finding that you are having more 'good' days than 'bad'.

How much does Filter cost?

Filter is currently free for test users. The reason why we are not charging any fees is because we want to build the best digital therapy for COPD and believe the best way to do so is getting honest, first hand experience. In the future, we want our digital therapy to be available for everyone and to be covered by your health insurance.