5 Common Asthma Myths

November 5, 2021
Andrew Gallagher
1 Min Read

Myth 1: "Asthmatics cannot exercise" 🏃♂️

90% of asthmatics do suffer from exercise induced asthma (EIA), where symptoms are triggered by strenuous exercise. However, all asthmatics including those with EIA should exercise and remain active by treating the symptoms with medication and taking preventive measures.*

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Myth 2: "Children outgrow asthma" 👶

Unfortunately asthma is a chronic condition and anyone with asthma may develop symptoms at any time, from childhood to old age. Symptoms frequently improve or disappear during adolescent or in adulthood. However, they can re-emerge at any point in life.

Myth 3: "Asthma should only be treated when symptoms are present "😮💨

Asthma is best treated with constant medication. Even when feeling well patients should continue taking their medicine. Long term treatment reduces frequency and severity of attacks/symptoms.

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Myth 4: "Asthma is only related to the lungs " ❤️

The lungs are the most effected component by your asthma, however there is a systemic inflammatory component to the condition also. To improve your condition you should focus on your body as whole, staying physically active* and eating a healthy diet as well as adhering to your medication plan.

Myth 5: "Asthma isn't a serious disease" 💣

Daily, 10 people in the US and 3 people in the UK die from asthma attacks. The majority (66%) of these deaths are preventable with ongoing management and care.

*Talk to your doctor before starting an exercise regime if you have been inactive for awhile.

Sources: Mayo Clinic, Asthma.org