An app to control your COPD

Get control of your breathlessness. Use Filter to monitor your condition and learn evidence-based techniques to effectively manage it.
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“The best out there #1”

Since using Filter I am so much better. I have tried many solutions but this tops them all.

Ray Nangle

“I feel so much more in control”

Since using Filter I feel like I am in control of my own health.

Alan Clarke

“I cannot recommend it more"

I just love it. It gives me the ability to see things before they happen.

Brigitte Walsh

“Finally, something that works!”

It's helped me to get my condition under control - something I have always struggled with.

Fina Cassidy
What people are saying...
I am so much better due to using Filter.
Ray Nangle - COPD 
5 star review for Filter
I love it.
Brigitte Walsh - COPD
5 Star review for Filter
Since using Filter I feel like I am in control of my own health.
Allan Clarke - COPD 
5 Star review for Filter
Having Filter helped me to get my condition (asthma) under control.
Fína Cassidy - Asthma
5 Star review for Filter

How it works

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Download the app, tells us a little bit about yourself, what your medication program currently is and setup any wearables you have.

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Immediately start seeing trends in your health, identify what affects it and become the master of your condition.

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Receive a tailored program that teaches you evidence-based techniques to better manage your condition.

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80% feel less worried about managing their Asthma or COPD
Managing your condition is a mentally draining, scary, and stressful experience. We help with that. By monitoring your condition, Filter suggests ways you can adjust your lifestyle and helps to take the worry out of managing it.
Meet Ameli.
Ameli is your digital health coach. She looks at all the interactions you have with Filter and is the driving force of the insights. The insights that will help you improve your management.
Learn more about your condition
Ameli helps you learn how every aspect of your life, from your medication to your steps, affects your health and condition.
Find ways to improve it
Access Ameli’s insights that help you do less of the bad and more of the good.
Worry less
Combine these insights, along with our guided courses, to feel less anxious about your condition and get back to living your life.
See results in 1 month
80% of our users see benefits in under a month.
Real time data feedback to help your condition

We collect data from devices, connected wearables, inputted mediction and symptons, as well as localised weather and air quality to get a holistic view on your health. All with the power to share with your care team.

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Filter helps people with asthma or COPD through evidence based approaches
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