Respiratory focused care.

Monitor vitals, organise your care plan and share with those who are important to you. All in one app.
Optimise your Plan
Filter brings all elements of your management under the one roof. Monitor your lung function, blood oxygen, heart rate and core body temperature, as well as track your medication and log how you are feeling each day with personalised recommendations and feedback on your performance.

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How it works...
We put the power of managing your lungs in your pocket....
Build your Plan
Navigate your management by logging medication, recording symptoms and using your Filter device which tracks Lung Function, Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate and Core Body Temperature.
Build Accountability
Add reminders to keep you on track of your plan and create Buddies to share your progress with.
Build Optimism
Let you and Kos discover insights about your condition and get ahead of things before they progress - so you can get back to living.
Meet our AI - Kos
He keeps an eye on all your interactions with Filter: tracking medication, logging symptoms, and of course your bio-metrics.
Over time he begins to learn patterns about you and your condition.
Allowing him to deliver insights that optimise your management and updating any of your care team.
What people are saying...
It is the first solution that I have used and wanted to take out of my bag and show people.
I love it... I would even recommend it to people I don't like!
I feel like I am in control of my own health.
Allan Clarke
Having something like this makes me want to look after my condition.
Fína Cassidy